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Support Soldiers Home

As a Navy veteran and a longtime patient (25 plus years), of the Soldiers Home in Holyoke, I am appalled at the actions of our Gov. Deval Patrick has taken with his veto of funds for the Soldiers Home. Why is it there is always money for his pet projects but not for our veterans? As I alluded to in my previous letters, the time is overdue that this legislature eliminate the Quinn Bill and transfer the remaining balance of the funds to the Soldier Homes in this state. We will soon be seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of troops returning home from the Middle East that will require care at these facilities. We cannot in good consience let these soldiers come home to nothing. Please continue to call and write your representatives to overide this veto and allow our veterans to have their outpatient department and some of their diginity returned. Roland L. Archambault Chicopee