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Teamsters represent large variety

The article, “Teaching Isn’t a Profession for Men,” was a degenerate display of a naive travesty by Anne Coulter. The teamsters represent a variety of trades and professions and are doing so even today, in this slow economy. For instance, UPS hires people to drive trucks, with the thought that they will one day be in management. Most of the people in management started by driving trucks, including tractor trailers. Representing UPS tractor trailer drivers is not a “pathetic downfall” (as Coulter stated), because they are as good as any on the road (includes safe driving and miles driven). Where does she draw the line, on all the other trades and professions, to say that it’s a real job for real men, or not? One can be a worker one day and in management the next. That doesn’t take away from being “a man.” School teachers are an important part of a child’s life, and they shape much of what an individual will take with him (or her) into their adult world. I still recall things my teachers said, even after many years. One can state facts that can be a misconception, but Anne Coulter has put forth an ostentatious display of arrogance and ignorance about what Jimmy Hoffa (president of the Teamsters Union) and school teachers really are. E. Anthony Mosio Springfield Bookmark and Share
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