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Tea Party attacks

Labor unions and collective bargaining are under attack by the Tea Party and conservatives and baby boomers with little historical knowledge. In the early 1900s there were no labor unions. Miners, farmers, factory workers, and children worked six days, 10 hours a day, for an average of $1.40 per hour. Children, age 10 and up, earned 35 cents an hour, male mill workers earned $18 week, women $9 week and children far less. Life expectancy was 38 years for whites, 25 years for blacks. Unions were formed and many conditions were improved by collective bargaining. Minimum wage was passed. In 1950, it was 75 an hour. Recently, many CEOs reacted by moving plants to China, India, Mexico, etc., etc. Can we find something made in America? American labor is not the culprit. Conservatives are attacking the wrong source of their discontent. Joseph D. Day Springfield Bookmark and Share
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