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Tea Party thanks Wilbraham

Jan. 22, 2014 |

In reflecting on the year 2013, the town of Wilbraham stands out as the most supportive of the Tea Party than any other town in the valley. We in the Pioneer Valley Tea Party have marched in many parades but, without question, we have never (not even close) experienced such positive response from parade viewers than we did when we marched in Wilbraham’s 250th Anniversary Parade this past June. There are those in the area who have developed a negative image of the Tea Party as a result of their having been successfully acted upon by dishonest, fabricated news coming out of the mainstream media. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting individuals readily inhale everything they see in the media. It takes discernment to realize a fib when you hear a fib. It is apparent that you folks in Wilbraham have more than the average share of discernment. This is wonderful. Last October an individual from Wilbraham wrote a letter-to-the-editor to one of the large, daily newspapers in the valley strongly defending the Tea Party. The following day another gentleman from Wilbraham wrote a letter to that same daily newspaper, which has gained a solid reputation for spinning colossal fibs, and, in his letter, chastised that paper for crucifying the Tea Party. He ended his letter with: “The Tea Party is the party of principle, the party of opportunity and the party of optimism. May God bless America and the Tea Party.” Wilbraham, thank you for lifting our spirits in 2013. You folks are patriotic, gutsy and discerning. William Santy Chicopee

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