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Thankful for helpful people in parish

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to three wonderful middle-school-age boys, Jack Trainor, Jake Podmore and Sam Fleck, along with Our Home Town Hero, Rose Stella, and all of the young people in her Word-on-the-Street Group at St. Michael's Church. After our recent snow and ice storms my driveways and the town sidewalk in front of my house and my neighbor's house were solidly covered in a few inches of ice. As I was salting and chopping the sidewalk ice, Jack, Jake and Sam, three boys I did not know, were walking home from school and asked if they could help me. I asked them how much they would charge me and they said, "Nothing it's free, we'll just do it." I was delighted with their generous offer as I was exhausted and my newly replaced hip was beginning to "bark" at me. The boys took over completely and did a great job, clearing the walk in front of both houses. When they finished, they offered to put away my shovels and chopper and I gave them each a small amount which I could afford. They had wonderful attitudes and were all smiling and happy they had helped. Two of the boys then told me they are members of the the Word-on-the-Street Group, which is run by Rose Stella, and had been members of the large group (about 25 young people) who had come to my house in November and volunteered to rake my large yard when I had returned from the hospital and rehab. This is a group of young people who have a wonderful, hard-working, intelligent, kind, and cheerful leaders in Rose Stella. I am sure they all have very special parents, as well, who get them to the group and support their efforts. I feel very grateful to be a member of St. Michael's Church, where we also have an exceptional priest, two fantastic nuns, a very talented choir director and musicians, and a large, warm, friendly congregation of hard-working, helpful parishioners. Thank you, God. Jean C. McNulty East Longmeadow
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