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Thanksgiving isn’t just for one day

Nov. 23, 2022 |

We recognize Thanksgiving as a national holiday as a one-time celebration each year on the fourth Thursday of November. I propose in this devotion to bring about a different view as you prepare for your Thanksgiving Day. Yes, it is a time for family and friends to share that special meal and to see family members after a long pandemic. The more I think about Thanksgiving, I am more thankful in my thoughts and action, as I am getting older and a little wiser.

I was reading an article by Steven J. Hogan titled “Being Thankful — The Character of a Christian.” Two important points in the article really got my attention. I quote: “A thankful person is sincere – he is not faking it; he is not hypocrite. He or she knows that it is the Creator who has done this miraculous and supernatural work in his or her life and in the lives of others, and so his hear is humbled, and therefore he is genuinely thankful to God.” The author further states: “If a person is not thankful, he will tend to grumble and complain about things when they don’t go the way he wants, whether it’s the weather or work or the government or the church or people’s lives.”

When I reflect upon the Harvest Fair in Granville, I call it my thanksgiving harvest. I experienced unfamiliar faces and friends, children eating cotton candy and hot dogs, while so many people brought their thankfulness in a caring and distinct way.

The many vendors that shared so much of their gifts, goods and services with the joy of thankfulness. Thanksgiving is a time for family and our common connection.

The Thanksgiving spirit is always with us. People throughout the year are always giving, caring and preparing meals for friends and neighbors. The daily expression of giving, loving and sharing is always an excellent quality. Thanksgiving is not always one day of the year; it means being thankful each day of your life. Every day is a time to be thankful to people in general, rather than just on a holiday. Being thankful is being humble enough to acknowledge our Creator and to appreciate the many blessings that our Creator has vested to every human person.

What do you think, Thanksgiving for a day or being thankful each day of your life? Psalm 136:1 says: “O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endures forever.” I just wanted to give you something to think about! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Rev. Johnny M. Wilson

Granville Federated Church

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