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Thank you East Longmeadow

I arrived at the East Longmeadow Birchland Park School on Sunday [Oct. 30], the day after the storm devastated the area. I came to the shelter with my 87 year-old dad, my daughter and my 16 month-old grandson. My dad is on oxygen 24/7 and was running low on portable oxygen. Despite our best efforts it was also getting increasingly difficult to keep my grandson warm. We were able to get to the shelter only because of our wonderful neighbors on Knollwood Drive. They cleared the debris that had trapped us at the end of our cul-de-sac. From the moment we arrived at the shelter until the day the shelter was closed I was constantly amazed at the wonderful team of workers. I would like to thank everyone for their patience with the fiesty elderly gentlemen who kept everyone on their toes. Also, thank you for watching over us through the night, which made it alot easier to rest. Thank you for taking care of my dad so that I could go to work with peace of mind. Your positive interactions and laughter brightened the days. I am truly blessed to be a part of such a great community. Susan J. Curran East Longmeadow . Bookmark and Share
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