Thank you for returning my I.D.

I'm a senior citizen who walks daily about one mile radius near my home. My children have encouraged me to carry identification at all times, and since I don't want to be burdened by a big wallet or purse, I rigged up a homemade ID, a small plastic envelope holding a Big Y card and a card with my name and address. Tucked between both a $10 bill. When emptying my pockets one evening before bedtime, I realized my ID was missing. Oh, well, I thought no big loss!

Imagine my surprise when I received in the mail last week an envelope within an envelope containing my ID everything in tact. Someone actually took the time, thought, and a stamp to return it. I only wish they would have put a return address and name, so I could personally say a true Thank You.

Barb Anderson

East Longmeadow

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