Vote for Brian Ashe

Having carefully considered the candidates, I would like to offer my endorsement of Brian Ashe, three term selectman of Longmeadow for the position of state representative for the Second Hampden District.

Brian Ashe voted to retain gravely needed infrastructure funding when the Lower Hampden Road project that connects Monson to Hampden was in jeopardy of losing funding. He served on the Pioneer Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization and has first hand knowledge of the challenges and needs for infrastructure funding for our region. As a selectman, Brian has been confronted with the same difficult choices our communities have had to make regarding funding of vital municipal services including education, senior services, public safety and library and town operations. Raised in Springfield, he has been a resident of Longmeadow since 1993 with his family including two school-aged children. Brian brings a perspective that encompasses the rural, suburban and urban sections of the district. As an

employee with the Hampden County Sheriff's department he has experience in management and the complex issues facing our region.

I have found Brian to be straightforward and genuine in his response to questions. He does not pander or provide politically expedient answers. I encourage residents in the district to exercise your privilege to vote Sept. 16 and cast your ballot for Brian Ashe (D-Longmeadow), state representative.

Kathleen Conley Norbut, Selectman


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