Enough prayers; it’s time for action

Nov. 10, 2017 | G. Michael Dobbs

I will not be sharing prayers for the people of Sutherland Springs, TX, the people who were gunned down while they were worshipping this past weekend.

No, my prayers will not bring them back nor will they help their surviving friends and family.

We’ve been directed to pray every time a mentally incompetent individual with a gun decides to commit an atrocity, killing innocent people. There are millions of well-meaning genuinely concerned Americans who do pray in these incidences. God bless them.

For elected officials, though, it’s easy, it sounds pious and it offers no politically dangerous solutions – perfect for gutless politicians who are bought and sold.

Here is what the president tweeted in response: “May God be w/ the people of Sutherland Springs, TX. The FBI & law enforcement are on the scene. I am monitoring the situation from Japan … Americans do what we do best: we pull together. We join hands. We lock arms and through the tears and the sadness, we stand strong.”

What unmitigated meaningless crap – where is his administration’s plan to attempt to address the increasing acts of violence?

What Americans should be doing is trying to arrive at a solution to a thorny problem: how do we maintain the Second Amendment, while restricting access to weapons that are clearly not designed for hunting or sport shooting?

Prayers don’t seem to be working too well, no offense to either the people who prayed or to the deity to which they prayed. Frankly I think we’re getting a strong message we should exercise some free will and figure out a solution ourselves.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) decided that just after the shooting it was time for a “vocabulary lesson” about misused terms such as “assault weapons” and “AR-15,” “clip” and “magazine.”

What arrogant, uncaring idiots.

Massachusetts Congressman Seth Mouton responded to the blog and tweet by posting the following: “Thanks, @NRA, for helping us focus on the real issues here, literally minutes after more Americans are massacred.”

Should we do what Australia did after a mass murder by eliminating a whole group of weapons? Some people think so, but you know the NRA will buy off Congress to prevent such an action.

And I doubt the president would have the backbone to potentially offend some of his base by advocating for such a ban.

What would you do? People who should not have access to military style weapons on the basis of mental illness apparently have no problem getting them in order to carry out a deranged plot.

If you characterize yourself as a Second Amendment person, what is your solution? Keep the status quo and just accept such acts of violence are the new normal for America? Seek a ban on certain weapons? Insist that everyone carry a gun and be educated to use it in times of emergency?

Yes, yes, I know many of you will say that gun control doesn’t work. You will point to the murder rate in Chicago, for instance to note that increased legislation against gun ownership doesn’t prevent violence.

I understand and that is indeed part of the problem. We must acknowledge that people who seek to use guns illegally generally find a way to do so.

I have no solutions to offer except this one:  we need to legislate away the influence the NRA uses in Congress, national political parties and state parties to open up a more honest discussion. We must note every state or local elected official who takes money from NRA members, in order to understand how their opinions may be swayed.

We must acknowledge how the NRA Super PAC gives out money in encourage votes in their favor.

Only in an environment that is as free as it could be from outside influences then perhaps we can come up with a holistic approach to this problem.

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Edwin Lawrence Zieminski

Edwin Lawrence Zieminski

wrote on 11/10/2017 at 4:09:26 PM

Well Mike let's start where we both agree that it is time for action and we can not rely strickly on prayer. As a moderate member of the NRA, I think you are putting too much emphasis on their role in the gun problem issue because their purpose is to kept the rights of the 2nd ammenment alive and to make sure that politicians do not disarm us or pass laws that will require magazines to be gold plated and limited to two rounds. You do not mention that government failed us in the Sutherland ,TX. case with the Air Force failing to report Kelley (the killer) to the FBI about his domestic abuse past. You also dare to bring up Australia, a country where most American white middle class people would not meet their stringent immigration requirements while the the USA accepts dangerous poverty stricken people from South and Central America with MS-13 being a prime example. Anytime you can muster the will to deport dangerous non citizens, I am willing to reduce my 2nd ammenment rights. An effective method that was quite sucessful in NYC was when the police were profiling individuals and frisked and search them and found many carrying a firearm without a permit. Attach a 25 year sentence to that crime and you have just reduced gun deaths by at least 80%. Currently, we have a revolving door in our courts and a slap on the wrist when it comes to firearm violations due to our P.C. culture, therefore our politicians will never do anything constructive to avoid the bigot or racist title and they will attack soft targets like the NRA or the Christian church. I find that you are too hung up on military style firearms since all firearms are dangerous of every caliber and the emphasis should be on those that carry without a permit. The record kill is a .22 short (air gun power) that took down a 2000 pound draft horse fired a half mile away.