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2009...Open for Business

We're not sure how all our readers feel but we are getting sick and tired of all the doom & gloom being spewed out on CNN, local/cable TV news and even the local daily/Sunday newspaper. Let's face it. If the news media wishes to see the "national" economy glass as being half-empty, that is their business. We here at Reminder Publications would like to remind ALL of our readers that on a local level, our economy has no reason to suffer except for the fear being inflicted on our neighbors, customers and friends, from the local and national media. We have many local businesses in Western Mass. whose success is NOT tied to national and/or worldly economics. Local businesses serve a specific geographic market and, in most of those "geographic" markets, there is NO valid reason for sales to decline other than lack of confidence being inflicted by the media. So, what are we to do? There are only two options as we see it: 1. Business Owners/Managers can roll over and play dead.
-- OR --
2. They can promote their products & services to their existing and potential customers. Nothing confuses us more at Reminder Publications than when a local business, who typically chooses NOT to advertise, calls us to place a giant "Going Out of Business" ad. We have a better idea for 2009. If you own, work at, or support a local business in Western Mass., please contact us to place an "Open for Business" ad. We are not seeking to be self-serving through this column. We simply see Reminder Publications as part of the Solution, as opposed to being part of the Problem. Please shop local and do all you can to make 2009 a success for the local businesses you know and love. Sincerely, Chris & Dan Local Co-Publishers... Open for Business!
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