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How Champions Conduct Themselves (Part 2 of 2)

6. Make up your mind that you will beat every opponent you play; team for team and man for man. Determine to dominate your opponent, but first do the necessary things to prepare yourself to dominate him. 7. Never think about how tired you are. If you know you have done a better job of conditioning yourself than your opponent has, think about how tired he is. 8. ALWAYS RETAIN POISE. 9. Delete from your dictionary the words, "easy," "can't," and "soft." 10. Make your goal line stand hold up. 11. Do all these things at all times, but especially at those times when the tide is going against you. Sincerely, Chris & Dan Chris & Dan Buendo Courageous Co-Publishers P.S. Be a champion on AND off the field.
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