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Lessons Learned From a Father

Why don't we take the time To count the lessons learned from our Father? Put in writing the faith, wisdom, and values Given to us unselfishly Do I even realize all that he has given? All that was sacrificed and shared For my benefit? What is the best way to say thank you For a lifetime of gifts That did not come with ribbons and bows All went to the clay That shaped who I have become His loving hands sculpting my core Guiding me with love and truth Then letting me stand on my own Maybe if I face each day Going forward with respect and integrity Accepting my failures And taking responsibility for my actions If I never gloat at my victories Nor let them go to my head If I am humble and kind Taking care to share with my children What was given to me Or maybe I just say Thank you, Dad Thank you. Happy Father's Day June 15, 2008 Sincerely, Chris & Dan Buendo Grateful Sons & Dads P.S. Thank you to all our faithful readers and advertisers for welcoming us into your homes and hearts every month!
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