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Thanks to Longmeadow Youth Football

In today's world and issues with youth, I want to graciously thank the Longmeadow Youth Football Board members and coaches for their time dedication, commitment, talent and positive values of sportsmanship to all the families and players participating in the program. For the past three years I have had the honor of serving on the Board with individuals who are dedicated and committed to the players and the success of the football program. Bob Ostrander, the president, Charlene Metcalf, Bob Lipp, Jay Chiporous, Rick Crews, Tom Gerwick and Donna Novak and many other volunteers who dedicate 24/7 starting Aug. 1 until the end of November to make the LYF program a success. The program has grown to over 200 players and families due to these individuals endless acts of selflessness. The coaches teach the players what it means to make a commitment to themselves and their teammates by example as positive role models. It takes many volunteers and time to build a sense of community spirit by example for our youth today. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have served with these individuals who have enlightened me to volunteer with enthusiasm, commitment and dedication. Melissa Bshara Longmeadow